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I created these faces and figures which I assembled from found objects (objet trouvé). Each one’s uniqueness serves to illustrate the value of the individual and deals with the nitty-gritty of self- acceptance.
This Speak Eezy blog post titled “I Like Me … I Like You” affirms my belief that we need to realise a genuine self-assurance and wholehearted acceptance of ourselves. This intrinsic confidence in our unique value extends automatically into a belief in overall equality, inspiring non- discriminatory and inclusive recognition and approval of others.
“I Like Me … I Like You” encompasses my belief that in valuing our own essential self-worth, we are enabled to value others.
I believe in equality and liberation from domination and/or exclusivity.
I believe in safeguarding against policies formulated out of prejudice and depersonalisation.
I believe in sustaining our own independent and individual identities.
In valuing our own authenticity, we learn to embrace the authenticity of others.

Mark Twain said: “A man cannot be comfortable without his own approval.”

005 Blog IMG 0479 Ingrid (24cm x 38)

Ingrid (24cm x 38)

005 Blog IMG 0480 Sol (14cm x 16)

Sol (14cm x 16)

005 Blog IMG 0482 Zanny (23cm x 43)

Zanny (23cm x 43)

005 Blog IMG 0483 Oswald (22cm x 40)

Oswald (22cm x 40)

005 Blog IMG 0484 Lulu (29cm x 35)

Lulu (29cm x 35)

005 Blog IMG 0485 Jo (30cm x 46)

Jo (30cm x 46)

005 Blog IMG 0486 Malcolm (38cm x 50)

Malcolm (38cm x 50)

005 Blog IMG 0487 Ruth (34cm x 46)

Ruth (34cm x 46)

005 Blog IMG 0488 Tomas (32cm x 33)

Tomas (32cm x 33)

005 Blog IMG 0489 Boo (13cm x 24)

Boo (13cm x 24)

005 Blog IMG 0490 Ayn (21cm x 30)

Ayn (21cm x 30)

005 Blog IMG 0491 Del (23cm x 41)

Del (23cm x 41)

006 Blog IMG 0481 Abe And Hellee (43cm x 28)

Abe And Hellee (43cm x 28)

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